June 25, 2003

Baseball Tips

The biggest flaws I see in the swings of youth baseball players
1. Dead Hands - Hands start the swing (ok, technically, hands and the front knee hinge). Remember, when the pitcher separates his hands, the bat needs to begin some kind of movement toward the load position.
2. Hands Casting Too Far From The Body - This produces a slow swing and again eliminates utilizing the largest muscles in the body's core (from above the knee to below the bottom rib). To be your quickest, keep your hands no more than 4-6 inches away from the chest as long as possible.

3. Front Shoulder Flies Open - Keep the shoulder closest to the pitcher on a line with the pitcher…for as long as possible. (This will also help players hit the ball up the middle, which should help increase hard hits and decrease strikeouts).

4. No Hip Turn - Young hitters tend to hit with their arms. Wrong. This produces weak round balls. Completely turn the back foot AND get up on the toes, or at least the ball of the foot.

5. The Front Knee Collapses - Simply put, the front leg MUST be stiff, whether using a stride or no-stride approach.