August 01, 2002

Spalding's Baseball Guide and Official League Book for 1889 - 01


[Illustration : *Spalding trade mark*]

Experience has shown that in Base Ball and Athletic Goods, as in all other
lines of business, unprincipled persons are always eager to prey on the
reputation gained by honest dealing and good business management. We regret
to state that we have not escaped the attention of such parties, who have
appropriated our original designs, styles and names, and by using similar
illustrations and descriptions, deceive the public into believing that the
articles were manufactured by us, and that we are responsible for their
inferior quality. A wide acquaintance with sportsmen and an extended
experience with the various sports, has enabled us to anticipate the wants
of our patrons in securing outfits, and to offer only such articles as were
perfectly satisfactory for our own use, knowing by practical tests that
they would serve the purpose properly, and be unfailing to the purchaser.

In order to protect our customers, and to preserve our reputation, we have
found it necessary to place our "Trade Mark" on the higher grades of goods
that we manufacture and introduce. The care and discrimination exercised in
selecting only articles of the highest quality as being worthy of bearing
our Trade Mark, has resulted in giving to them a reputation as being
practically the best of their kind that could be produced.

In our opinion a satisfied customer is the best advertisement that we can
have, and dealers and individuals will please bear in mind that on whatever
article our TRADE MARK appears, we guarantee it to be exactly as
represented, and wherever just cause for complaint exists, we will thank
the purchaser for returning the article to us and receiving a perfect one
in return, or the refunding of the purchase money. Our line of Base Balls
is now so well known to the trade, and they are so thoroughly appreciated
by the base ball players of the country, that it seems almost unnecessary
to call special attention to their superior merits. Spalding's League Ball,
having stood the severe test of the National League for the last ten years,
and having again been adopted as the official ball of that leading
organization for 1888 as well as the other prominent professional College
and Amateur Associations, gives it a reputation and sale unequalled by any
other ball on the market. BEWARE OF CHEAP IMITATIONS; NO League Ball is
genuine without our Trade Mark on each box and ball, and the autograph of
[Illustration: *Autogram of A. G. Spalding*]
on each label.

We hope that ball players will not be misled by the remarks of interested
dealers handling inferior goods, that the articles they offer "are just as
good as Spalding's" and at a cheaper price. We accept their frequent
references to our goods as the highest compliment that can be paid us,
and only ask that purchasers will do their own comparisons, and be
convinced that our goods are really the cheapest as they certainly are the
best. Special trade prices are quoted to dealers on application.


Publisher's Notice

* * * * *

"Spalding's Base Ball Guide" again greets the base ball public with the
official records of America's national game. First issued in 1877, it has
grown in popularity, has been enlarged and improved from year to year, and
is now the recognized authority upon base ball matters. The statistics
contained in the "Guide" can be relied upon, nearly all of them having been
compiled from official records.

The "Guide" has attained such a size--180 pages--as to preclude the
possibility of publishing in the same issue the League Constitution in
full, and other interesting League matter. We are therefore compelled, in
addition, to publish the "Official League Book," which contains only
official League matter as furnished by Secretary Young, including the
League Constitution in full.

Copies of the "Guide" or "League Book," will be mailed to any address upon
receipt of twelve cents each. Trade orders supplied through the News
Companies, or direct from the publishers.


* * * * *

WASHINGTON, D. C., March 5, 1889.

By the authority vested in me, I do hereby certify that Messrs. A. G.
Spalding & Bros., of Chicago and New York, have been granted the
_exclusive_ right to publish the Official League Book for 1889.

_Secretary National League of Professional Base Ball Clubs._


For the convenience of our patrons, and for the purpose of bringing our
complete line of Athletic Goods more prominently before Base Ball Players,
we have arranged with the following houses to carry at all times a complete
line of all our Athletic Goods. Their prices will be the same as ours.
Orders for goods may be sent to


A. G. SPALDING & BROS 108 Madison St., Chicago, Ill.
E. C. MEACHAM ARMS CO. 515 Washington Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
J. R. HAWLEY 164 Vine St., Cincinnati, Ohio
BURROWS BROS. CO. 23 to 27 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio
J. B. FIELD & CO. 77 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich.
V. KINDLER 418 Genessee Ave. East Saginaw, Mich.
E. G. STUDLEY & CO. 4 Monroe St., Grand Rapids, Mich.
CHAS. MAYER & CO. 29 Washington St., Indianapolis, Ind.
A. G. PRATT & CO. 502 Wood St., Pittsburgh, Pa.
WEST BOOK & STATIONERY CO. 379 & 381 Broadway, Milwaukee, Wis.
G. B. GROSVENOR 744 Main St., Dubuque, Iowa
J W. RECCIUS & BRO 304 Market St., Louisville, Ky.
S. G. MORTON & CO. 426 Nicollet Ave. Minneapolis, Minn.
COLLINS GUN CO. 1312 Douglas St., Omaha, Neb.
M. F. KENNEDY & BROS 66 East 3d St., St, Paul, Minn
GEO. F HIGGINS & CO. 354 16th St., Denver, Col.
F. M. MENGES Sporting Goods CO. 924 Main St Kansas City, Mo.
WM. BECK & SON 165 2d St. Portland, Oregon
TUFTS. LYON ARMS CO. Los Angeles, Cal.


A. G. SPALDING & BROS 241 Broadway, N. Y.
E. W. VINE 1 Green St., Albany, N. Y.
S G. LEVALLEY 189 Main St., Buffalo, N. Y.
RHODE ISLAND NEWS CO. 113 Westminster St., Providence, R.I.
SCRANTOM, WETMORE & Co 10 State St., Rochester, N. Y.
R. WOOD'S SONS 72 S. Salina St., Syracuse, N. Y.
M. W. BULL & Co 445 Main St., Springfield, Mass.
M. C. EBBECKE & Co Allentown, Pa.
M. A. TAPPAN 1013 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, D. C.


F. F. HANSELL & BRO 28 and 30 Camp St., New Orleans, La.
A. J. ANDERSON 2d and Houston Sts. Fort Worth, Texas
R. M. MANSFORD 293 Main St., Memphis, Tenn.
BIRMINGHAM ARMS Co Birmingham, Ala.
H. DREW & BRO Jacksonville, Fla.
J. W. SAWYER Key West, Fla.


McLEAN BROS & RIGG, Limited Sydney, Australia
McLEAN BROS & RIGG, Limited Adelaide, Australia
BOYLE & SCOTT Melbourne, Australia
W. MCARTHUR & Co Auckland, N. Z.
THOS. LACK Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands
C. FLOOD & SONS St. Johns, N. B.



A. G. CASE Aurora, Ill.
C. E. DALTON Bloomington, Ill.
A. P. CUNNINGHAM Champaign, Ill.
C. H. CARYL Kalamazoo, Mich.
SPENCER BROS Marquette, Mich.
JOHN T. BUKER Rockford, Ill.
BAKER & WATSON Terre Haute, Ind.
GREGORY & Co Winona, Minn.
J. A. ELLIOTT Danville, Ill.


N. A. FROST Hanover, N. H.
G. W. BLODGETT & Co Amherst, Mass.
TALBOT BROS Pittsfield, Mass
J. W. BRINE New Haven, Ct.
C. S. WEST Flushing, L. I.
J. W. BRINE Cambridge, Mass.
A. H. POMEROY Hartford, Ct
HIRST & LEACH Princeton, N. J.
A. W. SCOTT Stamford, Ct.
BRENNAN & DAVIS Bradford, Pa.
F. A. CLAPP & Co Worcester, Mass.
GEO. DART Tuxedo, N. Y.


The late Mr. William A Hulbert may be justly considered as the Father of
the National League, for he it was who in 1875 was mainly instrumental in
bringing about the secession from the old National Professional Association
in 1875 which resulted in the establishment of the National League in 1876.
To Mr. Hulbert is due the credit of rescuing professional ball playing from
the abuses which prevailed in the ranks at the time he first became
connected with the Chicago Club. Especially to his persistent course in
refusing to consent to the reinstatement of any player expelled from a
professional club for crooked play, is the present honesty of the game due.
Mr. Hulbert was the second President of the National league, Mr. M G
Bulkely, the present Governor of Connecticut, being the League s first
President. Mr. Hulbert died in April, 1882 from heart disease. He was
essentially a reformer and in his business and social relations sincerity
and candor were marked characteristics. The National League adopted this
resolution at his death: _Resolved_ That to him alone is due the credit of
having founded the National League, and to his able leadership, sound
judgment and impartial management is the success of the League chiefly due.